Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kyrgyz audio and music

BBC in Kyrgyz
News in Kyrgyz, including streaming audio

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Kyrgyz news; recordings of some programs and live audio broadcasts

Global Recordings Network
Download the audio of The Sacrifice, a Christian evangelism recording. The speech is quite clear and easy to follow. Total duration: about 1 hour (two MP3 files).
Scripts in the English language are available.

The Jesus film
Watch the film in Kyrgyz (streaming video).

Kyrgyz songs
Streaming audio
Probably the largest resource on Kyrgyz music. Features an overview of instrumental and vocal music and biographies of several Kyrgyz composers. Some recordings are available for download in MP3 format.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys learn Kyrgyz, it's really very interesting! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am writing a song for my Kyrgyz sister and would like to put the title in Kyrgyz...the hitch is I have a very very very limited vocabulary in the laguage. Could anyone tell me how to say "song for diana" in kyrgyz.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

yr Dayanaga


Anonymous Anonymous said...

da tochno : 1) Yr Dianaga ili 2) Dianaga arnalat ( Diane posvyashaetsya )



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