Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kyrgyz dictionaries

Kyrgyz-English/English-Kyrgyz Concise Dictionary
by Karl Krippes
A good dictionary for a beginner in Kyrgyz

Dictionary of Turkic Languages
English : Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen, Uighur, Uzbek
The dictionary covers all eight major Turkic languages in their alphabets and in a roman transliteration. 2000 headwords.

English-Russian-Kyrgyz Dictionary
A fairly recent dictionary published by the Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan. As far as I know, this is the first serious dictionary to incorporate all three languages.

Kyrgyz-English Dictionary
An excellent, if somewhat pricey, resource for the serious learner of Kyrgyz. Each dictionary entry contains examples of word usage.

Kyrgyz-Russian online dictionary
An online dictionary done by the students of International Slavic Institute. The paper dictionary that was used as the source was published in 1953, so some words may be outdated.

Kyrgyz-Russian and Russian-Kyrgyz online dictionary
An IREX-sponsored project. Latin alphabet is used throughout for Kyrgyz.

Kyrgyz monolingual dictionary
A small portion of a Kyrgyz monolingual dictionary. Apparently, the full version was somewhere out there on the Web, but the link to it is now dead.

Russian-Kyrgyz dictionary of modern words

Meanings of Kyrgyz names
In Russian


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone give me the meaing of Jyldyz - is it a star?

Also of Aisulu?

Thanks a lot


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jyldyz is star. Aisuluu means "beautiful moon".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would you say "Hello, how are you?"
I have a Kyrgyz friend in Lithuania, so I'd like to surprize her:) Thanks a lot!


Blogger Maksat said...

Oh My, I don't know when did you write this, I mean when you asked, but better early than never,
in Kyrgyz it will be like that

Salam, Kandaysyn?
kanday? jashoo landay?

I just accidentely entered to this site :) and saw your comment :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what means "TASHTABA Meni.. tashtaba.....
suranam senden... suranaaam"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you tell me how to translate the word 'beloved' from Kyrgyz to English.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


tashtaba meni
> don't leave me

suranam senden
> I beg you


Anonymous Anonymous said...

salam aleykum gardashlar

I am from Azerbaijan.
What is the meaning of "nomadic" in kirgiz language?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, what is the equivaletn word for "History" in Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani. Thanks a lot...


Blogger MK said...

The Kyrgyz word for hıstory is тарых (pronounced tah-RI-kh). In Azeri it's similar: tarix.


Blogger Айсулушка said...

Hey! Aisuluu means 'moon's beauty', not 'beautiful moon'... :)



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