Sunday, May 22, 2005

How I learned 4 languages in 4 years (website review)

Despite what its title might suggest, this website is not trying to sell anything language-related. The other name of the site is Luigi's Language Advice, and it contains some valuable advice indeed.

The author is a Hungarian man who shares some of his ideas on language learning. On the first page he says:

Don't expect somebody else to teach you! Learn and have fun doing so!

And he continues to explain how this pro-active approach helped him pass proficiency exams for four different languages in a very short time.

It is easy to overlook the things he talks about precisely because of their simplicity. But these are actually great methods that address some of the most common concerns of language learners. There are many websites on the subject, but this one is a good common-sense introduction to learning a foreign language.

If you put in 2×2 hours a week, it will really take you 4-8 years to learn. It means that you struggle for years and you still can't speak. Why don't you put in some more time for a few months and enjoy your knowledge for the rest of your life?

Personally, I like this approach a lot more than consistently studying a language for years. I seem to lose the motivation after a year or so and end up putting as much effort into encouraging myself to continue learning as into the actual learning process. This may not work for everyone, but I enjoy the thrill of making quick progress, especially in the beginning, which makes it much easier to continue with the study of a language.

Luigi's language advice


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