Thursday, October 20, 2005

Children's Bible and a new online dictionary

On some days I see people selling used books on Sovetskaya right by the intersection with Kievskaya. Something caught my eye as I was passing them by this afternoon. It was a copy of a Children's Bible, just like the one I have in Russian. But this one was in Kyrgyz ! I grabbed it as soon as I saw it, paying only 70 soms ($1.75) for the almost new book.

Since these Bible stories are already familiar to me, I can guess many of the Kyrgyz words without looking them up in the dictionary. The language is very simple, and with colorful illustrations on every other page, I'm in for some very enjoyable reading. The title of the book is "Сүрөттөргө келтирилген Библия". It was published in 1995 by the Institute for Bible Translation in Stockholm. I think the Kyrgyz branch of the Bible Society may have some copies in stock.

Ыйса is the Kyrgyz word for Jesus.

"Мына ошентип, бардыгында адамдар, силерге кандай мамиле кылуусун тилесеңер, силер да аларга ошондой мамиле кылгыла."
This is the Golden Rule as found in Matthew 7:12

My other Kyrgyz language activities of today include building a small English-Kyrgyz dictionary based on Gunnemark's Minilex, which is a fancy word for a collection of basic and, arguably, most useful words in a language.


Blogger MamaShift said...

Interesting how it the word for Jesus resembles bliss.

I adore the Kyrgyz language and miss hearing it. My daughter used to able to speak some. I have a recording of her singing a beautiful song about rain drops.

Have fun!

PS I have some tales about Kyrgyzstan over on my blog. I just got started -- many more will come.



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